Spruce Grove backpack trip

This past weekend, the Troop went backpacking at Spruce Grove, in Santa Anita Canyon. Along the way, we stopped at Sturtevant waterfall, and then back tracked up the hill to cross along the top of the water fall.

After leaving Chantry Flats, we stopped for lunch at Sturtevant Waterfall. At 60 feet tall, it’s the largest in the San Gabriel Mountains. It rained the previous Wednesday, so there was plenty of water flowing over the top. To see our hiking route, check out Mapmyhike.com

Troop 441 at Sturtevant Waterfall

One important part of scouting is that everyone learns how to cook. In fact, we try to eat better on the trail than we ever do at home. This time of year we’re allowed to use wood fires in the forest, and we took full advantage of that to boil water and cook our food.

Cooking Dinner

Pancho Solis watches water boil


On Sunday, we packed up our gear, and hiked the four miles home. It was a bit damp, and we packed our tents that way, and the boys were supposed to take them home to dry out. Hopefully they did!

All in all, a fun trip!



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