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Every Scout needs to have the right equipment, but what to get? As a new Scout, it’s important to have the right gear to go camping. Remember, you will out grow things! But what is comfortable, but not expensive.

Three main points to remember:  COMFORTABLE, LIGHT WEIGHT AND INEXPENSIVE. Camping gear does not have to be expensive, particularly when it will not fit in 6 months or a year when your son grows 6 inches!
Camping Gear List
Start here:

  • Boy Scout 10 Essentials:
    • Pocket Knife                                           •First Aid Kit
    • Extra Clothing- but not too much!    •Flashlight and Batteries
    • Water Bottle                                           •Map and Compass
    •Matches and Firestarter                        •Sun protection and hat
    •Trail Food- We all get hungry!             •Rain Gear
  • ____ BACKPACK External or Internal Frame, comfortable, and built for a boy to grow into
  • Line it with a lawn bag first, to keep contents dry.
  • ____ SLEEPING BAG 35 or 20 degree, no more than 5 pounds of weight. Mummy bags are good.
  • ____ CLOSED-CELL FOAM CAMP SLEEPING PAD or Self Inflating Airmattress
  • ____ HIKING BOOTS (Buy 1/2 size larger to fit heavy hiking socks–Make sure your boots are NOT TOO TIGHT!). A high heel is important.
  • ____ HEAVY NON-COTTON HIKING SOCKS & Liners- Smartwool or Tholios

Then Add:

  • ____ WARM JACKET (for night).        ____ RAINCOAT
  • ____ EXTRA PAIR PANTS (non-cotton, if possible — check the tags for polyester, nylon,
  • or other synthetics)
  • ____ WOOL SWEATER, or POLYESTER SWEATSHIRT (about $3 at Thrift Stores).
  • ____ LONG SLEEVE SHIRT (Wool or synthetic fiber for insulating quality/quick dryig)
  • ____ MESS-KIT (BOWL, CUP, FORK, SPOON, PLATE — (plastic keeps food warmer than metal).
  • ____ 2 ONE-QUART/LITER WATER BOTTLES, filled (“Nalgene” Bottles are the most dependable).
  • ____ FLASHLIGHT & EXTRA BATTERIES, (headband style keeps hands free)
  • ____ SMALL FIRST AID KIT (You can make your own: BSA Handbook, Page 289).
  • ____ CLEAN-UP KIT (Small Hand Soap, Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Comb, Floss, Fast-Drying Camp
  • Towel).
  • ____ TOILET PAPER (Half a roll in a Zip-Lock bag).

Each boy should carry no more than 25% of their body weight in gear, or 25 pounds maximum. Leave room for Community Gear to be added at the shack.

Troop 441 will provide:
Tent and Tarp for sleeping in, Community cooking equipment (stove, pots/pans), water filters.
Each Patrol will plan a menu and purchase their own food.

Always pack for one season COLDER than now!
Avoid cotton clothes (like blue jeans and cotton sweatshirts) for outdoor use.
Wish List for Birthdays, Christmas:

  • ____ 100% POLYPROPYLENE LONG UNDERWEAR (Required on winter campouts and summer deep-woods  backpacking trips, but recommended year-around for rainy weather, and for cold nights & mornings in the summer. If buying new, look for 100% Polypropylene or Silk, NOT the white “waffle pattern” cotton blend).
  • ____ TROOP ACTIVITY PANTS (Green Olive-Drab Nylon Zip-Off Cargo Pants, or Green Olive-Drab Army BDUs)
  • ____ COMPASS with a BASE-PLATE, in a Zip-Lock bag (with map, if you have one).
  • ____ Good quality RAIN SUIT (includes rain pants)

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